Saturday, 19 March 2011

.....nearer I get

This shoot is from the other day where I followed 3 teenagers along the coast trying to get some useful shots of them. I'd asked for the three of them to participate instead of just Natalia, but by the time the shoot came about I realised that photographs of the three of them weren't going to be useful to my project. I took quite a few pics of them non-the-less which they can keep, while stealing single shots of Natalia where I could. I actually think having her friend's along helped to relax her a bit so I'm not entirely unhappy with some of these shots. They are certainly more in keeping with how I want this project to progress. So, one memory card full and an injured knee and foot later here is an update on my project.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Natalia Shoot

Well I'm still largely off beam with the current lot of images I've shot. Finding it very hard to give my full concentration to this project with dissertation deadline looming. Unfortunately this project really does need my full attention. I guess this shoot could be considered a 'what not to do' with some, but few, images in line with how I want to proceed; the more whimsical images. A comprehensive style with which to tackle this project is still something I desperately need to work out. Here are some shots from the last shoot any how:

Sunday, 6 March 2011

First Proper Shoot

What a day! A terrible start and not enough time to look at my log book of ideas to get my head in the right place but I did what i could. I met the girls in Stanley Park. Today was primarily a shoot to see how they react in front of the camera while trying out some poses that I've seen/found while doing my research. I didn't really get many shots I'm happy with but did get a better idea of how they react in front of the camera and the avenues I want to go down with regard to each sister. Here are a few shots from today.