Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Kornelia Shoot - No Man's Land Project

Again , this blog is for criticism and I would appreciate any after you have read what i'm trying to achieve (below).

The images here with Kornelia intend to show how teenage years can feel isolating and unsure, this goes two fold for Kornelai as she is Polish and came across here a few years ago with her family.

Kornelia is 15 (believe it or not) and I'm trying to bring out the serious side of her because she is a bit older than her sister and it shows in her behaviour - she is more introverted and serious, quite self aware, much more so than Natalia (not shown here). 

I am also trying to get a feel of  the whimsical, the ephemeral, a soft and hazy feel to show that teenage years are not real as such and full of uncertainty. In a way I want to show how teenage years are for trying things out, playing, moving from childhood to adulthood....that kind of thing.

Any crit very welcome from photography folk. (click on images to see them in detail)