Friday, 31 October 2014

Japanese Urban Legend - Toire No Hanko San

I was having a dig around on my computer and found this old uni work - perfect for a Halloween giggle. Enjoy:

So here it is, script and photos from the Japanese children's urban legend :

Toire No Hanko San

A group of Japanese school girls have crept back into their school at night to do a Wiji board in hope of talking with the ghost of Hanako-San. Hanako-San is the spirit of a girl who committed suicide in the 4th stall of the loo after years of torment at the hands of bullies.
The girls find a caretakers cupboard which they all crowd into and light some candles.

The Wiji board is pushed into the middle of the circle and a glass put onto it. All the girls join hands. After a few moments the glass begins to move and begins to spell out a name. As the glass moves from letter to letter one of the girls makes a note of the letters. The name Hanako-San is revealed all the girls look frightened. Next they ask the Wiji board to whom she wants. The glass begins to spell out a second name: Mai.

All the girls turn and look at the girl the board has signalled and they give her the piece of paper. Mai slowly gets up, shaking, and makes her way out of the cupboard down the long, dark school corridor,

down a dark set of stairs, to the toilet and tentatively opens the door.

The loo is dark and so, so quiet. Mai knows what she has to do and worried that her friends may be listening at the door she feels she has no choice but to go through with it. In fear Mai is gripped by a sudden urge to use the loo but puts it out of her mind and approaches the 4th stall in the row and stands in front of it.

The stall bares the sign out of order. After plucking up the courage to speak Mai knocks 4 times and then chants aloud, “Hanako-San”, she waits a moment and then repeats, “Hanako-San”, after a short pause she again, with a dry mouth, repeats, “Hanako-San”. Finally in almost a whisper Mai chants, “Hanako-San”. And jumps back from the door.

Nothing has changed. Mai waits a little longer but nothing. In a sigh of relief she smiles to herself thinking how silly she is. With Mai’s relief also returns her urge to use the loo and she moves into the 3rd stall and closes the door.

As she feels for the toilet paper, suddenly, all the lights go out....

In a split second Mai is filled with fear and regret....

The dark slowly changes to dimness and Mai feels like she is not alone, in the corner of her eye she sees something behind her, a ghostly figure and as she looks up she is choked with terror as the unearthly form of the being known as Hanako - San crawls down the wall, coming to get her....

Mai screams and nearly falls over herself, scrambling to open the door, she runs from the stall and heads towards the bathroom doors but she can’t get them open

She can hear a noise, a gut wrenching, other worldly noise and she knows she must run. She wrestles with the door but it won’t open and noise is getting closer. From the corner of her eye she sees the terrible white figure of Hanako-San approaching but still she cannot get the door open.

Then all at once is blackness again. Mai stops, it is too late. Icy cold fingers grab her head and pull her back into eternal darkness.