Friday, 3 December 2010

Object to Subject: moving direction

Ok, as much as you, and I, loved the experimentation with Surrealism I'm going to have to put it on hold with this project and concentrate on the side of 'Object to Subject' which looks at human emotion.

I'd lost my way a bit by going down the path of visual techniques as a way of subverting a sexual reading of my nude. There was nothing wrong with this per-say but it was too far removed from my initial goal which was to get the viewer to stop engaging with my model as a sexual object and start engaging with her as a person.

Now i'm using emotion on its own to create this affect. I'm taking my model through a journey of emotions with the hope that people will empathise with her and what she is feeling rather than just looking at her as a nude and a sexual being.

Here are some images from yesterday's shoot that i won't be using but convey where I'm heading:

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  1. That spider looks so real! I love that image, it fills your brief perfectly. Its the spider I look at anyway!