Saturday, 30 April 2011

Park shoot with the girls (No Man's Land Project)

This blog is actually to get some crit off my uni mates so I'm uploading a few of the same sort of images, which you wouldn't normally see.

I've decided to play on the different personalities and ages of the girls. For the younger one, Natalia, I'm focusing on her playfulness and with Kornelia, the older one, I'm going for a more serious feel.

My aesthetic is meant to bring out the whimsical, the ephemeral, a soft and hazy feel to show that teenage years are not real as such and full of uncertainty. They for trying things out, playing, moving from childhood to adulthood....that kind of thing.

Any crit very welcome.


1 comment:

  1. Hi Sammi,

    I'm happy to give you some feedback.
    If you are trying to avoid the feeling of uncertainty I think you need to look at the expressions of the girls. They pensive faces looking out of frame really create a sense of anxiety.

    I think a more candid approach might help suggest the girl's real attitudes and behaviours.
    Friendship and group bonding is a massive part of teenage life, progressing from selfish children into empathetic adults is something we learn through understanding our peers, so maybe photographing groups of varying ages might also add to what you're trying to do.

    Hope this helps? Let me know if you need anything more or if you just want to just tell me how wrong I am haha.