Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Surrealist Work

Here are (a recap for those who have followed this blog for a while) some of my favourite conceptually motivated university projects. I blogged about most of these projects when they were in the early working stages and if you would like to see those early experiments please feel free to look back through the posts here.

Surrealist Work

In the final year of my degree my work began to move in a Surrealist direction. This was partly influenced by the research I conducted while writing my dissertation, 'How did Surrealism help cultivate some of the most important female artists/photographers of the early twentieth century?' 

However, this Surrealist aesthetic continues still to influence and inspire my work. It is a style I am very interested in borrowing from in future projects.

The work here was produced at the beginning of the Object to Subject series which was a key 3rd year project. You can see this work is surrealist in style yet the project Object to Subject was not. This is because as the Object to Subject work progressed the surrealist aesthetic i'd been working with no longer seemed suited to the concept and actually interfered with a clear reading of the works in which I was trying to convey emotion and illicit feelings of ‘empathy’ in the viewer.

So here are the first works from that lengthy project which I still adore and am actually quite proud of.

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