Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Thoughts and stuff

Not done anything for ages because i'm a total loser.

Since we have been exploring autobiography for our first project at uni I have explored a concept I have been thinking about for a while now, inspired from my studies of Hogarth.

The Serpentine line: The Line of Beauty.


This S-shaped curved line (a serpentine line) that appears within an object( or as the boundary line of an object) and when found in such things often means they appeal to the human eye. This theory originated with William Hogarth (18th century English painter, satirist, and writer), and is an essential part of Hogarth's theory of Aesthetics as described in his Analysis of Beauty (1753). According to this theory, S-Shaped curved lines signify liveliness and activity and excite the attention of the viewer as contrasted with straight lines, parallel lines, or right-angled intersecting lines which signify stasis, death, or inanimate objects.

Of course I feature my own scared tummy as a statement of irony because when is a scar ever aesthetically pleasing? However it amuses me that my scar adheres to his line of beauty quite perfectly.

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