Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Abstract brief- finally uploaded

This was our second project, set early on in our first year. We had to demonstrate our ability to light objects to show off their qualities as well testing our ability to use a large format camera. It was a brand knew learning experience for me as it was the first time i'd done any real technical learnng and experimenting with lighting still lifes. Here you are:

This didn't come out as stretched as it had looked on the large format camera's back but i'm pleased with the lighting effects.

This one is my fave- i lit it to emphasise the textures in the leaves and the coconut and kept the focus to the detail on the leaves to the left so the eye is drawn (as it would naturally read) from left to right.

This i love, it is a close-up of a back but that isn't always obvious at first look and I like that instant reaction where the mind knows it is a part of the human body but has't yet deciphered it which part.

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