Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Lame or not so Lame? Word brief cont....

Well I have now finished my images for the word brief. The first two I have put on here already and I’m really pleased with how they have turned out. However, the last image concerning the word Broken is another story altogether and even though I’ve spent three days pretty much solidly shooting, re shooting, messing about in Photoshop and asking people about it, I’m still so unsure. Basically my idea is either ok or so lame it should be taken outside, shot and sent to the glue factory.

I wanted to do a still life for this last image as the other image for the word broken was figurative. When you think of ‘broken’ you most commonly think of objects, broken things, and so I’d have been off beam somewhat if I hadn’t addressed broken things for this brief. When I first went into the studio I took a whole load of broken crap with me and made an aesthetic display, which I shot up close with lots of moody shadow. When I got it into Photoshop however, I just couldn’t make it work for me and I think this is because it had no real meaning behind it. So I took the decision to reshoot and came up with the idea of a kind of Vanitas still life.

I’m still nowhere near 100 percent sure about my still life but at least there is meaning behind it and I’m happier than I was before. When you look at it you a meant to see the word broken in the broken items displayed but it is more than that. It represents a moment in time violently interrupted shattered- but the rest is up to you to decide. Is it the actual death of a child? Or more a metaphorical reading of a childhood interrupted by a violent occurrence.
Any crit welcome too. Gay or not too Gay?

First attempt

Second and current image

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