Monday, 16 February 2009

Noise Brief; images attained under duress.......

Well onwards and onwards......the weekend was filled Valentine’s Day and my relentless need to get some images done for the Monday Noise Brief meeting that we have been working on for uni. There were three of us photographers who went out over the weekend to get some suitable shots for the two online magazines we have conceived and developed as a group.
Unfortunately my patient boyfriend suffered the brunt of this exercise and was forced to contribute to the project considerably.

Some of the images required bubbles and naturally I needed someone to blow the bubbles in various places around Liverpool and Blackpool so I could capture a decent bubble/ urban landscape image. Unfortunately I got a little Nazi like in my demands for bubble blowing and for this Mark I am sorry and I do understand it is difficult to blow bubbles into the shot when the wind is against you: These are two of the images I collected:

Another set of images required us shooting them in the sand dunes and this began with what seemed like an endless, freezing walk to the sand dunes at the south promenade, Blackpool. Alas, the freezing walk was not enough, no!... to add to my boyfriend’s misery I made him remove his coat so I could get the images I needed.

All said and done, the images have turned out ok and between us three photographers we have enough images for our first presentation. So thank you so much Mark, you are fabulous.

Mark :)

Some other images ftaken for the brief: