Thursday, 5 February 2009

Seeing some results

Well i'm getting back into the swing of things at uni after a couple of weeks absent. I'm hungry to see some real results of my own after seeing lots of work from other people which has been really exciting. I've been in the studio today and have enjoyed seeing how Ashleigh conducted her shoot, which was more amusing than anything else; Myrddin enjoyed a sausage dinner while Miriam was photographed looking like she was enjoying a sausage dinner of her own :)

Anyway I began two days ago getting myself on track by attempting to process some medium format film I took before I had to go home. Myrddin offered to help me learn to process the black and white film. It was tricker than I imagined in the pitch black trying to thread a medium format spool and I definitely need more practice. Myrddin had to help in the end but even then, half way through the processing, I could feel the film had come off the spool and I was lucky any of the photos came at all. But they did and I attach them here. I’m pleased with the feeling of the images- they came out as I had imagined they would which doesn’t happen that often!:

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  1. hellooo fellow blogger :)

    Have added your blog to my list of dozens that I check in on regularly!

    Hope all is groovy xx