Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Where's your camera at?

Since I arrived at Blackpool I've been learning about so many things in the world of photography. In the next week I am looking forward to learning about lighting when I set foot in the enigma that is the fashion studio. Thanks to some fab people I've been given the chance to see up close how it all works which will be so useful for a studio virgin like myself.

There is one thing however that still eludes me and the only way I can see me getting to the bottom of it is asking. So, I really would love to know what cameras everyone owns?

I came to uni with a Nikon D40X and i'm beginning to see how this is probably the lowest spec camera that people are using here. I would love to know what you use so, if nothing else, I can prepare myself for my next big buy. Anyway........spill the beans lovely people and tell me where your camera is at?


  1. I really do recommend just working with your college deposit. The stores have full frame digitals that you can use after a tutorial. Like the Nikon D3 and Canon 5D which are both exellent!!!. But it also has D200's and the Canon equivilants, so there good enough. they have good film camera's too like the Pentax med format's. Id recomend exploring that equiptment before buying something, then you can decide what your most comfortable with. I always get stuff out, its ace... so much equiptment to get to grips with... for £30 a year too. Plus the ringflash's are great too.

  2. I'm going to make a pinhole camera. I am purist. Ha! No, seriously, I am, making a pinhole, not, a purist!

  3. So you're not confused Sammi, I'm no longer 'Madame Tourettes', but 'The Camera Fibs Daily'.