Thursday, 12 February 2009

A Taste of Torture

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Well, the last few days have been more than a little stressful. In fact being a big girl I’ve even been reduced to tears at times. My year had to submit the first of their Word Brief images on the word Taste via the college internet, Moodle. I initially had a great idea for my Taste image but it involved being in the studio, an area of photography I’m not at all familiar with.

I did all I could to help my situation with joining other people’s studio work and seeing how they set things up. People were very generous and I certainly learned some things but knowing how I work I realised I wasn’t going to really learn anything until I did my own studio and made my own mistakes. So I booked a studio in the one week where it was almost impossible to get in there and that was a major feat all of its own. I had planned my shoot down to the last detail, model (my mate Francesca) props, food to feed Fran, people to use for hands, and I even got my lovely friend Andy who knows the studio inside out to be there in case i fuck up.
Anyway, the day of the studio was also an important day for another project we had going on; the Noise brief where we had to submit as a group four A3 board for presentation to show exactly where we were going as a group. So this day was going to manic.
All things considered I hadn’t planned for anything to disrupt proceedings and yet the worst thing possible happened: Vomit, head pain like no other, blurred vision and the inability to even get into college. I cannot describe how it felt, I’d have atteneded my shoot with disturbed vision and massive head pain if I could have just stopped vomiting but I literally couldn’t leave the bathroom.
Anyway I didn’t get my studio and all attempts to do a shoot in another studio of ours the next day didn’t happen either as I couldn’t get everyone together. So by the eve of my deadline I was a little teary to say the least. But then Myrddin and the gang at number 132 Palatine Road saved my ass!!!
I gate crashed my housemate Myrddin’s shoot and stole Hannah for my model as well as Pete and Daniel. Not only did I get to do my shoot but the location and items I found in Tom’s place gave my shoot the edge it needed to pull off the Torture element and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My only problem, in the end, was choosing the actual image I was going to submit to uni. Enjoy some of the images from

A Taste of Torture:


  1. Interesting take on the word brief. It's always constructive to think beyond the normal, eating cake and stuff. The first image is the strongest IMHO, less to get distracted by and it offers less visual signs to suggest the staged nature. However there is a few key things that still give it away.


    The perfect white sleeve and the clear silver spoon, plus Hannah is a bit to clean. It just gives the game away a little bit.

    But good work considering the stress and all.

    Sorry, I rambled on a bit there!

  2. Crikey Sammi, you're not half getting the shitty end of the stick. Thought I had the monopoly on that!

    I agree that the top image is the best for the same reasons largely. Less is more. Just thinking, actually -serious-what about self portraits vomiting for 'taste'? granted if you're feeling rough it'd be hard. Seem to remember someone years back making a series of films of themselves vomiting...or did I dream that? Bad taste in more ways than one.

    Got my camera from Paul btw, ta x

  3. Thanks for the critBrian, yeah the top image is the best and I submitted it for my image- the others have their good points but didn't quite make the grade. On the point of the prestine white sleave, I actually got Daniel to wear that on purpose as I really wanted the arm to be wearing a white lab coat, like a doctor coat to emphasise the testing on Hannah element. But i think the idea got lost in translation.